The purpose of this study was to look into the prevalence of root caries and gingival problems among patients attending a teaching dental hospital in the Sultanate of Oman, as well as to assess patients' knowledge and attitudes toward oral health and to develop a “prototype” preventive plan against root caries for general practice.


A cross-sectional clinical study of patients attending patient clinics for routine procedures was conducted. For each patient examined, the participating clinical faculty members were to complete a two-part survey: a root surface chart and a periodontal chart. A questionnaire that sought to assess patients’ knowledge and attitudes was also conducted.


There was a high prevalence of gingival recession and root caries in the study population, which indicates that root caries are already a dental management issue. Patients who reported a family history of diabetes had significantly more root surface active lesions and were three times more likely to have a lesion compared to patients who did not. Despite their lack of knowledge about dental diseases and what would happen to their oral tissues as they aged, the majority of patients in this study are concerned about future carious attacks and would prefer to receive direct advice from their dentist.


There is a need for a program to educate dentists about the shortcomings of the current approach to patient education and motivation and provide them with the necessary training to implement a successful root caries prevention strategy in their practises.

Keywords: General dentist, Patient education, Prevalence, Prevention, Root caries, Strategy.
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