Characterization of Dentures for a Natural Esthetic Result: A Case Report

The Open Dentistry Journal 31 Jan 2023 CASE REPORT DOI: 10.2174/18742106-v17-e230111-2022-82



Dental implants offer many viable clinical solutions, but there are patients when they cannot be chosen as the optimal plan. Conventional removable prostheses still come up as a functional option, and several techniques have been developed so that their appearance can be esthetically enhanced and, in certain circumstances, even customized.

Case report:

This paper presents a clinical case where new conventional dentures were manufactured for both jaws. The patient was complaining about the “artificial” appearance of the pre-existing restorations and was also diagnosed with depression, which was an extra challenge to be dealt with. Attention was also given to individualizing the esthetic performance utilizing materials and techniques for the characterization and customization of the dentures for a natural-like result, in accordance with all the clinical factors that influence the restoration in edentulous patients.


As shown in the presented case, complete dentures remain a viable treatment plan. Especially via the process of characterization and customization, higher patient satisfaction and easier acceptance can be achieved.

Keywords: Denture, Complete denture, Characterization, Tinting, Denture festooning, Denture esthetics.
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