Iatrogenic Damage to the Periodontium Caused by Removable Prosthodontic Treatment Procedures: An Overview

Khaja Amjad Hussain *, 1, Saleh Nasser Azzeghaibi 2, Bassel Tarakji 1, SenthilRajan R. S3, Syed Sirajuddin 3, Sandeep S Prabhu 3
1 Department of Oral-maxillofacial Science, Alfarabi College of Dentistry and Nursing, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
2 Director of Alfarabi College of Dentistry and Nursing, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
3 Department of Periodontology, Rajarajeswari Dental College & Hospital, Bangalore-560074. Karnataka, India

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As the number of aged people in the world is growing, the need to provide patients with tooth alternate through removable partial dentures is equally growing. There are adversarial effects that should be kept in mind which might disturb the remaining teeth; specially, the abutments and the supporting tissues. These effects might spread to the muscles of mastication and also to the supporting periodontal tissues. Thus, we should plan removable partial dentures (RPDs) without mutilation to the adjacent teeth or the underlying tissues.

Keywords: Iatrogenic damage, periodontium, removable prosthodontic treatment.