Intraoral Retrieval of a Displaced Impacted Lower Third Molar into Submandibular Space: A Case Report

The Open Dentistry Journal 06 Mar 2024 CASE REPORT DOI: 10.2174/0118742106283538240304092649



The displacement of the impacted lower third molar into Submandibular Space is a rare complication during impaction surgery. Removal of a displaced impacted molar from the submandibular space can be complicated by poor visibility and limited accessibility.


This study aimed to evaluate the intraoral approach in the retrieval of displaced impacted lower molar into submandibular space.

Case Presentation

The present case is of a 50-year-old male patient who underwent a surgical procedure to extract the impacted lower third molar about a month ago, which led to its displacement into the submandibular space. The location and angulation of the molar were determined through radiographic examination using panoramic imaging and computed tomography. The displaced molar was retrieved surgically under general anesthesia using the intraoral approach. The patient was followed-up for 1 month regularly. The postoperative symptoms were limited, including pain, swelling, and trismus. No numbness was observed in the tongue.


We concluded that the intraoral approach was a conservative and effective option for retrieval of displaced impacted mandibular third molars into submandibular space.

Keywords: Displaced molar, Intraoral approach, Submandibular space, Case report, Oral surgery, Third molar.
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