High Concentration Whitening Gel Without Remineralizers: The Importance of Polishing and Fluoridation After Tooth Bleaching

The Open Dentistry Journal 03 Apr 2024 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/0118742106277342240112093629



This study aimed to evaluate the effects of dental polishing and topical application of neutral fluoride after bleaching with 35% hydrogen peroxide (HP35%) without remineralizing bioactive components in its composition on the surface roughness (SR) of tooth enamel.

Material and Methods

Fifty healthy bovine incisors were divided into five groups (n=10 each): G1, without treatment (only stored in artificial saliva); G2, dental bleaching with HP35%; G3, dental bleaching with HP35% + tooth polishing with diamond paste; G4, tooth whitening with HP35% + topical application of fluoride; G5, dental bleaching with HP35% + tooth polishing with diamond paste + topical application of fluoride. SR readings were taken at times T0 (before treatment) and T1 (after treatment). Data were analyzed using analysis of variance for samples related to Tukey's post hoc test.


The lowest mean roughness was observed in G3 at T1 (0.123 Ra) and the highest mean in G1 at T0 (0.198 Ra). However, the values of all groups at T1 were not statistically different (p˃0.05) from the T0 values.


Coronal polishing and topical application of neutral sodium fluoride did not interfere with the roughness of the enamel bleached with a gel without remineralizing agents in its composition.

Keywords: Tooth whitening, Enamel, Hydrogen peroxide, Tooth bleaching, whitening gel, Dental procedures.
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