The literature has described several biomaterials for guided bone regeneration. Some authors have proposed using a material derived from dentin/ enamel among autologous biomaterials. This study aims to test the effectiveness of autologous material derived from deciduous teeth in guided bone regeneration.

Case Presentation

A 24-year-old female shows up with missing tooth #1.1 for a domestic accident. This requires implant-prosthetic rehabilitation. It is decided to be performed before implant therapy, a bone regeneration guided using biomaterial resulting from the patient’s deciduous teeth stored in a plastic box. GBR (Guided Bone Rehabilitation) is performed, and after 6 months, the implant is inserted by computer-guided surgery, and then a provisional prosthesis is placed.


The material deriving from deciduous teeth, not preserved with precautions, has had excellent integration results. This allowed the implant to be placed in the best position for the final prosthetic rehabilitation.


This clinical case shows that using biomaterial derived from deciduous teeth has allowed an excellent result with negligible biological cost.

Keywords: Tooth-derived material, case report, Computer-guided surgery, Bone augmentation, Biomaterials, Bone regeneration.
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