Management of Trauma-induced External Root Cervical Resorption and Discolouration of the Maxillary Central Incisors: A Case Report with a Four-year Follow-up

The Open Dentistry Journal 01 Nov 2023 CASE REPORT DOI: 10.2174/0118742106251684230921060624



Clinicians often face a dilemma when determining the cause of a patient's tooth discolouration and how to treat it concurrently in the presence of trauma-induced external root cervical resorption.


This case report describes the management of trauma-induced cervical resorption and discolouration of the maxillary central incisors with a four-year follow-up.

Case Report:

A 38-year-old gentleman requested that the shape and colour of his anterior teeth be restored. The patient had a history of a motorcycle accident 15 years ago, in 2003, that resulted in fractures in both maxillary central incisors. Clinical examination showed the presence of discoloured broken teeth 11 and 21, as well as a cervical defect in tooth 11 palatally. Upon radiographic examination, 11 and 21 were root canal treated, and there was cervical resorption related to 11. Treatment consisted of cervical resorption management, internal and external bleaching, and composite restoration of the maxillary central incisors.

After a four-year follow-up, this report demonstrated the successful management of a complicated case involving trauma induced resorption and discolouration. The patient expressed satisfaction with the conservative strategy that was taken to treat his discoloured teeth.


This clinical report, with a long follow-up record, helps to provide dental practitioners with a conservative, minimally invasive, patient-centred treatment alternative for a complicated tooth discoloration case.

Keywords: Dental trauma, External cervical root resorption, Anterior teeth discolouration, Internal and external bleaching, Anterior resin composite.
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