This study aimed to assess the current awareness and practices of resin composite light curing of general dental practitioners (GDPs) in Saudi Arabia and to set several evidence-based recommendations to improve the quality of the outcome of concern.


An online questionnaire was created. Two hundred and fifty email invitations were sent to GDPs appointed in general governmental hospitals in five main cities in Saudi Arabia to join the survey voluntarily and anonymously. The survey consisted of 24 questions classified into the following domains: 1-Demographic criteria 2- frequency and technical aspects of resin composites application 3- criteria of the currently used light curing units and curing light. Descriptive statistics and chi-square test were used to analyse the obtained responses.


One hundred and fifty-six responses were received. A significant number of GDPs are significantly satisfied with the quality of their light curing, not aware of the thermal hazards of light curing, and do not check power output of their LCUs (light curing units) (P<0.05). An insignificant number of respondents use eye shields for eye protection during light curing.


There was no uniform light curing protocol followed by respondent GDPs. GDPs in Saudi Arabia should improve their knowledge and clinical skills of light-curing resin composite.

Keywords: Resin composite, Light curing, Awareness of general dentists, General Dental Practitioners (GDPs), Curing protocol, Eye protection.
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