To compare the accuracy, repeatability, reproducibility, and time efficiency between two digital lab scanners (inEos X5 Sirona and KaVo SMD ARCTICA CAD/CAM Scanners) by the traditional method using a digital caliper.


Pair of dental casts (upper and lower) were duplicated using an elastic putty mold to make ten copies of each. Following that, a total of twenty models were scanned in each scanner (Sirona and KaVo) separately by three different calibrated operators. Each operator repeated the scan at an interval of 48 hours. Fifteen measurements for each model were obtained in three different planes (vertical, horizontal, and transfers) following the same protocol. Measurements were obtained manually using a Boley gauge and digitally by the scanner company software. The two scanners that were assessed were; Sirona and KaVo indirect lab Scanners.


The coefficient of variations was between 1%- 8%, although statistically significant in some groups, but clinically the differences were insignificant and within the accepted range. Correlations between the inter and Intra operator reliability were assessed using the Intraclass Correlation Coefficient in Tables 5-6. The reliability of the increased distance of the measurement seems more consistent. The variations of Correlations among operators increased as the distance measured decreased, even though all operators were calibrated respectively. Operators’ feedback was that KaVo was easier to learn. However, timewise Sirona seemed more efficient. The average time for the Sirona scanner was less than half a minute with average scanner time (4.3 and 3.8 minutes). Based on various parameters recorded, both scanners proved to be accurate with no clinically significant differences detected between the groups.


Both scanners proved to be accurate with no clinically significant differences detected between the groups. These two scanners were reliable tools to scan and reproduce digital dental records. The inEos X5 Sirona Scanner seemed to be more efficient time-wise than the KaVo SMD ARCTICA CAD/CAM Scanners.

Keywords: Dental model, Dental scanner, Kavo, Sirona, Dental records, Digital.
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