Chronological Age Assessment Based on the Root Pulp Visibility in Lower Third Molars in a Group of Thai Population: Panoramic Radiographic Study

The Open Dentistry Journal 10 Nov 2021 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874210602115010591



Radiographic visibility of the root pulp in lower third molars is one of the reliable methodologies for chronological age estimation.


To evaluate the radiographic visibility of the lower third molar root pulp using digital panoramic radiographs of the Thai population, and determine the appropriation of this technique in age assessment, especially at the age of 18 years.


A total of 746 digital panoramic radiographs of the Thai population aged from 16 to 26 years were recruited for the present study. The visibility of root pulp of lower third molars with completed root formation was recorded in the four stages. Descriptive statistics were performed for each stage in both males and females.


The first appearance of stage 0 is 16.71 years in males and 17.00 years in females. The minimum age of stage 1 was found at 17.08 years in males and 17.18 years in females. The beginning of stage 2 was 18.33 years in males and 18.17 years in females. For stage 3, the earliest presence was started at 18.58 years in males and 18.83 years in females.


The occurrence of stages 2 or 3 in both males and females indicated that the subject is over 18 years of age. Further study on the Thai population should be conducted to confirm the results of the present study.

Keywords: Third molars, Root pulp visibility, Panoramic, Age assessment, Radiography, Statistics.
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