Management of Membrane Exposure Utilizing Concentrated Growth Factor (CFG) in Guided Bone Regeneration: A Clinical Report

The Open Dentistry Journal 31 December 2020 CASE REPORT DOI: 10.2174/1874210602014010763



This is a clinical case of a healthy woman with a missing upper right central incisor (#8) who requested a permanent prosthetic replacement due to endodontic failure. Clinically, she was presented with thin edentulous ridges and fibrous gingival tissue and minimal or compromised alveolar bone segment on the buccal profile as detected on cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT).

Case Report:

The conventional treatment approach is to add pink porcelain; however, rarely does the prosthetic gingiva substitute blend well with the existing oral profile. Therefore,Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) was done instead on #8 using the allograft [RegenOss, Neobiotech] and PTFE membrane. Upon examination, membrane exposure was detected, and the size was found to be increased in follow-up visits. The membrane was replaced with a Concentrated Growth Factor [CGF] and sutured at the site of the defect. After 12 months, a vertical and horizontal bone with adequate soft tissue emergence profile was achieved clinically, radiographically, and digitally. The delayed removal of the exposed membrane provided more time for initial bone regeneration in GBR. The replacement barrier of an exposed membrane using CGF is considered an innovative procedure with the cellular content providing vascularization and regeneration.


This case concludes that CGF can be a viable alternative material to enhance GBR outcome in replacing exposed membranes.

Keywords: Concentrated growth factor, Guided bone regeneration, membrane, periodontal regenerative surgery, Guided tissue regeneration, biomaterials, oral surgery.
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