Several studies have shown that a dentist’s gender and nationality are important factors for patients when they choose their dentist. This topic is important in countries like Saudi Arabia, which is considered to be conservative and has many cultural boundaries that separate men from women in daily activities.


This study aimed to investigate patient preference for a dentist’s gender among a sample population in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


This cross-sectional study recruited 1,000 participants who completed a self-administered questionnaire. Data were analyzed using SPSS v.21.


A total of 46.2% of the participants had no particular gender preference for dentists in general, while 28.6% prefered male dentists and 25.2% prefered female dentists. Male and female participants had statistically significant differences in the selection of a dentist’s gender in general, with all participants tending to choose a dentist of the same gender as themselves. Previous personal experience and recommendations from friends were among the most influential factors in choosing dentists of a specific gender. In terms of preferences for dentists of a particular nationality, 45.6% had no preferences, while 28.4% preferred Saudi dentists.


Although half of the Jeddah residents participating in our study had no preference for dentists of a particular gender or nationality, the other half had specific preferences.

Keywords: Dentistry, Gender preference, Nationality preference, Patient preference, Cross-sectional study, Patient.
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