Remineralization Strategies in Oral Hygiene: A Position Paper of Italian Society of Oral Hygiene Sciences-S.I.S.I.O. Working Group

Consuelo Sanavia1, #, *, Marco Tatullo2, #, Jessica Bassignani1, Silvia Cotellessa1, Giulia Fantozzi1, Giovanna Acito1, Alessia Iommiello1, Lorella Chiavistelli1, Silvia Sabatini1, Gianna Maria Nardi1, 3
1 Italian Society of Oral Hygiene Sciences-S.I.S.I.O. working group, Pisa, Italy
2 Calabrodental SRL, Crotone, Italy
3 Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Science, University of Rome “Sapienza”, Rome, Italy

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# These Authors Contributed equally.



The clinical conditions that lead to an alteration of the enamel structure are numerous. The diet high in sugars and acidifying substances, psychological stress that triggers parafunctional behaviors, the reduced intake of fiber-rich foods or alkalizing substances, together with other factors, contribute to demineralization of the tooth enamel. Dental mineralizing products on the current market are distinguished according to the dosage form, the active ingredient, the release technology, clinical indications and patient choice. Currently, it is necessary to propose to oral health professionals a guide to orient themselves in this chaotic choice, in order to prefer the most effective product for their own clinical target.


Italian Society of Oral Hygiene Sciences-S.I.S.I.O. is one of the leading scientific Italian societies representing those dental hygienists working with high-quality standards and in agreement with scientific evidence: in the last year, the SISIO working group has carried out a study focused on remineralizing agents in dentistry, in order to give an authoritative point of view to indicate a guideline in the decision process of the choice of a remineralizing agent. We will report the results pointed out from the last consensus meeting in 2017.


We have reported the good the bad and the ugly have been discussed in a critical discussion of such topic.


The SISIO experience has been reported in this position paper with the aim to serve as a useful aid in the daily choice of the clinical steps to perform, when dental professionals need to treat demineralized teeth.

Keywords: Dental Hygiene, Oral health, Dental Remineralizing, Enamel, Toothpaste, Mouthwash.