To assess the influence of operator experience on: shaping and centering ability, mean preparation time and presence of canal aberrations of ProTaper Universal and WaveOne systems on simulated root canals.

Materials and Methods:

Sixty S-shaped canals in resin blocks were assigned to four groups (n=15 for each group). Group1 (Experienced operator, ProTaper), Group2 (Experienced operator, WaveOne), Group3 (Inexperienced operator, ProTaper), Group4 (Inexperienced operator, WaveOne). Photographic method was used to record pre- and post-instrumentations images. After superimposition, it has been evaluated presence of canal aberrations and differences in shaping and centering ability between groups.


WaveOne system produced a lower amount of canal aberrations both in the hand of expert than inexpert operators. However, a WaveOne instrument breakage occurred in the hands of an inexperienced operator. No differences have been found in the evaluation of shaping ability with both systematics. Operator’s experience doesn't influence the shaping ability of ProTaper and WaveOne systems.


Experience factor could influence the centering ability in the use of both the systematics. However, WaveOne Primary reduce the mean preparation time and the presence of canal aberrations.

Keywords: Centering ability, Endodontic, ProTaper, Reciprocating, Shaping ability, WaveOne.
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