The Promising Applications of Stem Cells in the Oral Region: Literature Review

Luciano Barreto Silva1, Alexandrino Pereira Dos Santos Neto1, *, Rachel Gomes Pelozo Pacheco1, Severino Alves Júnior2, Rebeca Ferraz de Menezes1, Vanda Sanderana Macedo Carneiro1, Natália Costa Araújo1, Marcia Maria Fonseca da Silveira1, Diana Santana de Albuquerque1, Marleny Elizabeth Marquez de Martinez Gerbi1, Pamella Recco Álvares1, José Alcides Almeida de Arruda1, Ana Paula Veras Sobral1
1 Department of Operative Dentistry and Endodontics, Dental College of Pernambuco Camaragibe, Pernambuco, Brazil
2 Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

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For a long time researchers have tried to find out a way to grow tissues back to the human body in order to solve transplantation problems by offering the unique opportunity to have their organs back, working properly, in search of life dignity.

Literature Review:

Stem cells seem to be present in many other tissues than researchers had once thought; and in some specific sites they can be easily collected, without the need of expensive interventions. The oral cavity is one of these regions where their collection can be accomplished, with plenty of accessible sites enriched with these precious cells.


The aim of this literature review is to research where in the mouth can scientists find stem cells to be used in the near future.


The aim of this literature review is to research where stem cells can be found and collected in the oral cavity.

Keywords: Bioengineering, cells, mouth, stem cells, transplantation.