Conventional Border Molding versus Digital Impression on Complete Denture Impression: A Review

The Open Dentistry Journal 11 Sept 2023 REVIEW ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/18742106-v17-230906-2023-8



Definitive working impression of a complete denture requires proper border molding as part of impression techniques to capture the essential details of anatomical landmarks and the functional sulcus. In the era of digital dentistry, the digital impression using optical scanners may be an alternative to conventional techniques.


This paper discusses the differences between conventional methods and digital impression in a complete denture covering its procedures, importance and relevance of border molding in both methods for a good working impression.


The study reviewed papers from 2000 to 2022 in Medline and PubMed on border molding and complete denture working impression. Both methods were revised and contrasted to discuss the relevance and advantages of both approaches.


It is still controversial to conclude that digital impression is superior to the conventional method. Both methods have the strength to improve the quality of the impression taking procedure and complete denture quality of retention and stability. Digital impression gives more comfort and less post insertion adjustment. The conventional method still has good clinical outcomes in terms of retention and stability. Border molding should not be disregarded as part of the working impression procedure.


The paper concludes that border molding and the conventional working impression technique are still relevant due to their comparable outcome compared to digital impression, as less cost and high skills are involved.

Keywords: Border molding, Digital impression, Working impression, Complete denture retention, Acrylic denture, Denture impression.
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