Awareness and Utilization of Bulk-Fill Composites among Dental Practitioners in Saudi Arabia

The Open Dentistry Journal 19 Apr 2021 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874210602115010160



The aim of this study was to assess the knowledge and utilization of Bulk-Fill (BF) resin composites among dental practitioners in Saudi Arabia.

Materials and Methods:

An online survey was distributed through Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp applications among dentists in Saudi Arabia. A 31-item questionnaire covering personal data, general knowledge and utilization of BF composites was used. Responses were collected and analyzed for trends. A knowledge scale was developed based on answers with specific weight for each correct answer provided by the participants. A score of ≥ 50% was considered as a satisfactory knowledge level for participants. Statistical analysis was conducted using One-sample Z- and Chi-square tests followed by Bonferroni correction at 0.05 significance level.


The total number of participants of the survey was 183, of which 41.5% had some knowledge and utilized BF composites in their practice. Only 9.84% of the participants score ≥ 50% on the knowledge scale. A significantly low proportion recognized accurately the compositional difference between BF and conventional resin composite as well as the minimum irradiance values needed for proper polymerization of BF. There was no effect for gender or years of experience on the knowledge or utilization of BF materials (p-value = 0.172).


The proportions of practitioners with adequate knowledge and utilization of BF materials were very low. Additional focus must be provided in order to expose graduating dentists to advances in resin composite formulations.

Keywords: Bulk-fill, Composite, Knowledge, Utilization, Dental practitioners, Awareness.
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