Gingival Inflammatory Indices and Dental Stain Index after Using Aloe Vera-Green Tea Mouthwash, Matrica Mouthwash, or 0.2% Chlorhexidine Mouthwash Compared with Placebo in Patients with Gingival Inflammation

The Open Dentistry Journal 30 June 2019 DOI: 10.2174/1874210601913010214



The purpose of this study was to evaluate and compare the effects of composition of aloe vera-green tea, matrica, and chlorhexidine on gingival inflammatory indices and dental stain index.

Materials & Methods:

In this double-blinded placebo-controlled clinical trial, anti-inflammatory, anti-plaque formation, and dental staining effects of two herbal mouthwashes, including aloe vera-green tea and matrica in comparison with chlorhexidine in 60 patients with plaque induced gingivitis referring to Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, School of Dentistry were evaluated. The indices evaluated in this study were plaque index (Silness and Loe), gingival index (Loe and Silness), bleeding on probing index (Ainamo and Bay) and dental stain index (Lobene stain index). They were evaluated on the first day of using mouthwashes and two weeks later. The obtained data were analyzed using SPSS software version 22. One-way ANOVA, Tukey post hoc, and paired t and Chi-square tests (α=0.05) were used as appropriate.


There was no significant difference between the four groups in terms of the mean values of plaque index, gingival index, BOP index, and stain index before the application of mouthwash. However, after mouthwash application, the mean values of indices were significantly different between the four groups. Aloe vera-green tea and chlorhexidine mouthwashes reduced plaque index, gingival index, and bleeding on probing index significantly and there was no significant difference between these two mouthwashes (P>0.05). The effect of matrica mouthwash on plaque index and gingival index was significantly lower than aloe vera-green tea and chlorhexidine (P<0.05). The mean reduction in BOP index was not significantly different between the aloe vera-green tea, chlorhexidine, and matrica groups. Regarding dental stain index, both herbal mouthwashes caused significantly lower dental stain in comparison with chlorhexidine (P<0.05).


The results of the present study show that aloe vera-green tea mouthwash may be an effective mouthwash owing to its antiplaque and anti-inflammatory properties and may be an ideal substitute for chlorhexidine.

Clinical Trial:

The clinical trial code: IR.MUI.REC.1395.3.573

Keywords: Mouthwash, Chlorhexidine, Aloe vera, Green tea, Matricaria chamomile, Gingival inflammation, Tooth discoloration.
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