Purpose: The aim of this investigation was to assess bone healing of sinus lift procedure in which the augmentation has been performed by using calcium sulphate like bone substitutes. The methods of this investigation how the use of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) may be a valid instrument to support reconstructive surgery of the jaws. Patients and Methodology: 25 Patients presented large bone defects after tooth extractions located in the upper jaw posterior area. Vertical bone volume was assessed by CBCT examinations before and about six months after sinus lift surgery. Results: Examined defects treated with sinus lift surgery and evaluated by CBCT showed a strong increasing on the bone volume at 6 months follow up control. Conclusion: Calcium sulphate application in sinus lift surgery represent a safe and predictable option in the place of autologous bone. Therefore the application of CBCT investigation may give the clinicians the opportunity of evaluating with high precision value, the consistence of the bone defects before the surgery.

Keywords:: Autologus bone graft, bone defects, calcium sulphate, cone beam computed tomography, Italian patients, sinus lift.
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