Trans-Sinus Implant using TTPHIL-ALL-TILT ®Technique as an alternative to Sinus lifts: A Technical Description and Case Series

The Open Dentistry Journal 04 Oct 2023 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/18742106-v17-e230927-2022-72



Severe atrophy of the maxillary ridge and extended maxillary sinus pneumatisation limits the treatment options available for rehabilitating patients with teeth missing in the posterior maxilla. Sinus lifts followed by bone grafting have become the norm for rehabilitating such patients. Nonetheless, sinus lift procedures can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and uneconomical, especially if patients are in need of immediate function.


This case series describes a unique combination of placing trans-sinus implants using the TTPHIL-ALL-TILT ® technique for treating patients with the atrophied posterior maxilla.


Three different clinical situations have been described where the trans-sinus placement of implants using the TTPHIL-ALL-TILT ® technique was done for managing atrophied posterior maxilla. The first case was that of a single tooth missing in the posterior maxilla, the second of multiple posterior tooth missing (distal extension, partially edentulous condition) and the third being that of a completely edentulous maxilla. The implants were placed in a flapless tilted manner along with double bi-cortical engagement through the maxillary sinus.

Results and Discussion:

Following prosthetic rehabilitation, clinical reviews were performed after 6 months. In all cases, implant stability was manually checked and no pathological symptoms or signs were recovered at any follow-up visit.


Trans-sinus implants using the TTPHIL-ALL-TILT ® technique prove to be a good choice to rehabilitate these three clinical scenarios. All three patients were extremely satisfied with the treatment outcome. This could very well become a convenient treatment alternative to sinus lift procedures.

Keywords: Trans-sinus, Implant, TTPHIL, Double bi-cortical, Primary stability, Pathological symptoms.
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