Hollywood smile has gained popularity in recent times to improve aesthetics among the general population. Since patients’ perceptions of dental aesthetics play a vital role in planning and evaluating cosmetic dental treatment, it is essential to understand their knowledge, awareness, and factors that influence their perceptions of dental aesthetics.


The objective of this study was to assess the knowledge, awareness, and perceptions of Hollywood smile among the general population in Saudi Arabia.


A close-ended questionnaire consisting of demographic information and 20 questions related to Hollywood smile was circulated through social media in Saudi Arabia. Statistical analyses of the data obtained were performed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences software (SPSS version 17, USA). Frequencies, percentages, and mean and standard deviation were calculated using descriptive statistics. Pearson chi-squared test was employed to test the association between the demographic variables, such as age, gender, and education levels, with the questionnaire items.


A total of 4104 participants responded to the study questionnaire. The responses to the questionnaire revealed that nearly half of the participants were not satisfied with their dental appearance (48.6%). The majority of the participants had heard or known about Hollywood smile (98%). About 42% of study participants were aware of the complications involved in the procedure. The results revealed that the younger generation (18 to 30 years) had more awareness and felt more need for dental aesthetics (p=0.001). The proportion of male participants who underwent Hollywood smile correction were more than females (p=0.001). Graduates showed more awareness regarding smile, dental aesthetics, and Hollywood smile than the other categories (p=0.001).


This study has shown that the younger generation, female participants, and graduates had more awareness regarding smile, dental aesthetics, and Hollywood smile.

Keywords: Hollywood smile, Dental aesthetics, Survey, Perception, Questionnaire, Dentistry.
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