The Application of Pendulum as a Space Regainer in Orthodontic Treatment

Himawan Halim1 , * Open Modal iD Authors Info & Affiliations
The Open Dentistry Journal 17 Sept 2021 CASE REPORT DOI: 10.2174/1874210602115010501



The process of distalization in orthodontic treatment is often very difficult. The most common method is the use of cervical headgear. However, due to poor patient compliance, it leads to poor treatment outcomes. Treatment alternatives that require minimal compliance include Jones jig, magnets, and pendulum.


This study aimed to perform distalization of a maxillary molars on a bilateral Class II molar relationship patient with a crowded maxillary arch.

Case Report:

A 10-year-old female with a Class II molar relationship, bilateral posterior crossbite, and nonerupted upper canines was treated with a rapid palatal expander (RPE), pendulum appliance, and fixed appliance. The crowding in the maxillary arch and spacing in the mandibular arch were eliminated, and transverse discrepancies were corrected.


Pendulum appliance is very effective in creating spaces for the eruption of canines and ectopic premolars. Pendulum appliances have been introduced for a long time and have proven successful for molar distalization and space regainer and require minimal patient cooperation. Like other distalization appliances, distal tipping of the molars and mesial movement of the premolars could be observed.

Keywords: Pendulum appliance, Distalization, Space regainer, Orthodontic treatment, Upper first molar compliance.
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