Face Proportions, and Analysis of Maxillary Anterior Teeth and Facial Proportions in a Thai Population

The Open Dentistry Journal 01 Sept 2021 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874210602115010398



Esthetics is the primary consideration for patients looking for prosthetic treatment. Determining the facial types of Thai populations is important because most studies conducted in Caucasian populations mention their facial types, and describe the gender comparisons, and GP of the teeth.


This study compared facial proportions, analyzed the maxillary anterior teeth proportions and determined the relationships between teeth with facial measurements using the Golden Proportion (GP) and Golden Standard (GS) in a Thai population.


A total of 200 students (18-35 years) with well-aligned maxillary anterior teeth participated in this study. Face heights and widths were measured from the face using digital calipers and faces were classified as narrow, average, and broad. Teeth and face proportions were compared with GP and GS. One-way ANOVA was performed to compare maxillary anterior teeth proportions and facial proportions with different face types (α= 0.05). Pearson’s correlation was used (α= 0.05) to determine the correlation between facial proportion and teeth dimension among different facial types.


The findings showed 82.50% narrow face, 13.50% average, and 4% broad face among Thai subjects. No GP or GS was found in the face and anterior teeth, but teeth and face proportions other than GP and GS were found. No significant correlation was found between the Width of the Central Incisor (WCI) with interpupillary distance and alar width.


In this study, the GP was not found in the facial and teeth proportion. The data obtained from this study may help to provide guidelines for prosthetic and orthodontic management and help to select the proper size and form of the maxillary anterior teeth to achieve proper esthetic outcomes in the Thai population.

Keywords: Facial types, Maxillary anterior teeth, Golden proportion, Thai, Gender comparisons, Facial landmarks.
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