To investigate the factors that countermeasure the re-entry of Japanese dental hygienist.


The number of currently working dental hygienists is not sufficient. About 40% licensed dental hygienist are leaving their professional jobs. Re-entry of the dental hygienist who have left is expected to compensate the unbalance of demand and supply.


The purpose of this study was to identify the obstacles faced during re-entry by the dental hygienists and propose the countermeasures for supporting re-entry.


The Japan Dental Hygienist Association conducts survey of the Employment Status of Japanese dental hygienist every 5 years since 1981.Questionnaires were distributed for all members of the Japan Dental Hygienists Association. Among the 94 items, following eight specific items were used for analysis: 1. The reason of leaving the job. 2. For how long have you left the job? 3. Willingness to reenter. 4. How do you find your work for re-entry? 5. Is there any obstacle in the reentry? 6. What is the obstacle faced by you during reentry? 7. Do you need lecture course for reentry? 8. What kind of lecture course contents do you want to attend?


Questioners were distributed among the 16,113 members of Appeases Dental hygienist Association, and out of which 8,780 responded (collection rate:54.5%). By log-linear analysis, the reason behind leaving the job were dissatisfaction with work content and marriage significant in age groups ≤29 and 30-39. Child birth / child rearing was significant in age groups ≤29, 30-39 and 40-49. Payment was significant in 30-39 and 40-49. Child birth / rearing and working hours had the most important impacts on leaving the job and were among the obstacle for reentry. In this study, a number of dental hygienist who leave the job due to child birth / rearing was highest.


There was a limitation for sampling frame of this study. Workplace improvement including flexible working time may be the most important factors for the reentry of the dental hygienist who had left their jobs previously.Social support system is indispensable to improve women's working environment.

Keywords: Dental Hygienist, Leaving job, Reentry, Working environment, Log-linear analysis, Working hours.
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