Satisfaction with Orthodontic Care Provided in a University Orthodontic Clinic

The Open Dentistry Journal 28 Feb 2019 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874210601913010067



To evaluate patients’ satisfaction with their orthodontic care at the Department of Orthodontics of University of Athens.

Materials and Methods:

The study sample comprised of 100 individuals whose orthodontic treatment had been completed during the period May to October 2010. A questionnaire was designed and piloted before the telephone interviews were carried out. Questions concerned socio-demographic characteristics, reason for seeking care at the Dental School, level of satisfaction with treatment outcome, fees paid for treatment, and various aspects of organisation of care provision, assessed on 1-very dissatisfied to 5-very satisfied Likert type items.


Satisfaction score was particularly high as far as treatment outcome (53% were “very satisfied” and 31% were “satisfied”), dentist’s response to an emergency (81% were “very satisfied”), and personnel’s behavior at initial examination (81% were “very satisfied”) were concerned. Factors appearing to require improvement were the waiting time from initial examination to the beginning of treatment, the waiting room and the duration of treatment. Overall satisfaction was found to be significantly associated with total duration of treatment, fees paid by patients, treatment outcome, the behaviour of personnel who conducted first clinical examination, and dentist’s response to an emergency. Overall satisfaction was confirmed as the vast majority of patients (97%) would recommend the Orthodontic Clinic.


While the Orthodontics Clinic enjoys overall highly satisfied patients, there is scope for improvement of organizational aspects of care provision like the waiting time between the initial examination and the beginning of treatment, the waiting room and the duration of treatment.

Keywords: Patient, Satisfaction, Orthodontic treatment, Phone interview, Waiting room, Duration.
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