The ferrule is considered to be a key element in teeth preparation when restoring using a fiber post. It helps to resist occlusal forces, maintain cement tightness and minimize stress concentration on restoration using posts.


The aim of this review is to determine the influence of the ferrule design in endodontically-treated teeth using fiber posts on their fracture resistance.

Materials and Methods:

The electronic databases examined were Medline, Scopus, and PubMed from April 2019 to October 2019. The studies were selected using well-established inclusion criteria.


In total, 79 articles were identified, 16 of which were selected after considering the titles and abstracts. After reading the full-text articles, the total number of articles included in this review was 7 with a low risk of bias.


A full ferrule with a maximum height is the best design for resistance to fractures in all groups of teeth, but if it is impossible to provide this condition, the ferrule height from the palatal/lingual wall of the tooth should be increased.

The PROSPERO ID: 153543.

Keywords: Ferrule, Fiber post, Build-up, Endodontically treated teeth, Tooth fracture, Healthy teeth.
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