Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Plaque Effects of Commiphora Myrrh Mouthwash: A Preliminary Pilot Clinical Study

The Open Dentistry Journal 31 Jan 2019 DOI: 10.2174/1874210601913010001



To assess the effectiveness of a myrrh containing mouthwash in dental plaque and gingivitis control in comparison to a commercially available chlorhexidine mouthwash.


This is a randomized double blinded controlled clinical trial involving 12 systemically healthy subjects, age group 18-30 years in which experimental gingivitis was allowed to develop and subjects were assigned randomly into 3 groups (Normal saline), (1% Commiphora myrrh mouthwash), (0.2% chlorhexidine gluconate mouthwash,). Patients were instructed to use only the mouthwashes for 14 days. Plaque Index (PI), and Gingival Index (GI) were assessed before and after the treatment with mouthwashes.


Results showed no significant reduction in gingival inflammation scores in all groups but Myrrh group showed the highest reduction in inflammation mean score (0.32). A significant reduction was noticed in Plaque reduction in patients using Myrrh mouthwash comparing to the one before intervention visit. However, no significant differences noticed in other groups.


This preliminary study showed that Myrrh mouthwash resulted in clinical improvement in plaque reduction and gingival inflammation parameters. Myrrh may be considered as a potential therapeutic agent in treating gingivitis. However, further clinical and laboratory studies are needed.

Keywords: Myrrh, Chlorhexidine, Gingivitis, Gingival index, Plaque index, Bleeding.
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