Chronic Maxillary Sinusitis Caused by Denture Lining Material

Tsutomu Sugiura1, 2, *, Kazuhiko Yamamoto2, Chie Nakashima1, 2, Kazuhiro Murakami2, Yumiko Matsusue2, Satoshi Horita2, Go Sakagami3, Tadaaki Kirita2
1 Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Narakasuga Hospital, Nara, Japan
2 Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Nara Medical University, Nara, Japan
3 Department of Otolaryngology, Nara City Hospital, Nara, Japan

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We report a case of chronic maxillary sinusitis caused by denture lining material entering through an oroantral fistula after tooth extraction. The patient was an 80-year-old female who visited us with a complaint of pus discharge from the right posterior maxilla. She had extraction of the upper right second molar and had her upper denture relined with silicone lining material. The patient noticed swelling of the right cheek and purulent rhinorrhea 20 days before her first visit to our clinic. Oral examination showed an oroantral fistula with a diameter of 3 mm in the posterior alveolar ridge of the right maxilla. Computed tomography revealed a hyperdense foreign body in the right maxillary sinus and thickening of the mucosal lining. Under diagnosis of maxillary sinusitis caused by a foreign body, endoscopic maxillary surgery was performed simultaneously with the removal of the foreign body. The foreign body removed was 12 × 6 mm in size, oval in shape, light pink in color, and compatible with silicone denture lining material. During the follow-up it was observed that the oroantral fistula closed spontaneously after the removal of the foreign body. The maxillary sinus was in a good shape without recurrence of sinusitis seven months after surgery.

Keywords: Denture lining material, Endoscopic surgery, Foreign body, Maxillary sinusitis.